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Low-Tech Submission online at www.c4fap.org

While many of the low-tech processes have come in and out of favor, they remain a steadfast part of the photographic cannon. The Center is currently celebrating the low-tech processes and is interested in exhibiting the best low-tech images that photographers are producing. This call is open to all subjects and styles of photography that include a low tech means of image making or printing. This includes, but is not limited to; toy, Holga and Diana cameras, Pinhole, Wet Plate Collodian, Photograms, Callotypes, Cyanotypes, Polaroid and other traditional processes.

Juror: Crista Dix

Crista Dix is the Founder and Director of wall space gallery in Seattle and Santa Barbara.


liveBooks Website Award: Valued at $399 each, two artists will receive a one year subscription for a website from liveBooks.com

Juror’s Selection Award: $300 and a Blurb book award from Blurb.com

Director’s Selection Award: $200 and a Blurb book award from Blurb.com

Honorable Mention Award: $100

All exhibitors are included in the Center’s online gallery

Visit our website at www.c4fap.org for more information.


Printmaking (hand pulled)