Guadalupe Art Dogs Gallery wants your help to fill up our gallery walls with fab photos. Use your cell phone or your digital camera or any other lomographic, fish-eye Polaroid, or other weird camera you might have in your possession and shoot the most interesting stuff you can find. 

 Feel free to Photoshop your pictures all you want before sending them in. This show is all about being WEIRD - or at least VERY UNUSUAL!! However, please be advised weird is wonderful but lewd and crude is not.

What we are looking for are really interesting pictures of any unusual things that you discover in your environment. Use your imagination and be creative. This is your opportunity to be an artist and show your work in an upscale ( rhinestone collar-level) gallery. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams or Annie Leibowitz - all you have to be is you. If you are a professional art photographer – great! Give us your best shots. If you are an amateur photographer even better - show us your creative flair. We will show as many photos as our walls will hold.

Digital Photography