Art Inter/National... her...

Description: The 10th Annual Art Inter/National, Here and Abroad... 2011

Exhibition Dates: January 4 - January 29, 2011

Location: Box Heart Gallery

Type: Juried, Theme Exhibition

Art Inter/National is a celebration of artistic expression from all over the world. It's an exhibition that displays how the space one occupies both influences and guides the creative process. Box Heart encourages diversity in the media used to create the work, in the artists and his/her interpretation of Art Inter/National. There are no limits or boundaries, no categories or types. Box Heart is looking for expressions in art that are not only cultivated, but also created because of each artist's place on this earth.

One artist will receive the Best of Show Award. This artist is awarded Box Heart "Artist of the Year" and receives their own Solo Exhibition in the 2012 Exhibition Year. This includes Gallery Representation with Box Heart Gallery.

2002 Best of Show - Keith Wilde, United States - Ohio
2003 Best of Show - Lynn Fero, United States - California
2004 Best of Show - Eric Landes, United States - Michigan
2005 Best of Show - Vladimir Zuev, Russia
2006 Best of Show - Petra Voegtle, Germany
2007 Best of Show - Victoria Goro-Rapoport, Russia
2008 Best of Show - Erin Treacy - United States - Massachusetts
2009 Best of Show - Lidia Simeonova - Bulgaria
2010 Best of Show - Chung (Fanky) Chak - China
2011 Best of Show - TBD - January 2011

Artist Submission Requirements:

Artists that would like to be considered for an invitation to participate in the 2011 Art Inter/National Exhibition must submit the proper materials to Box Heart Gallery by November 1, 2010. A maximum of twenty (20) artists will be invited to participate in the 2011 Art Inter/National Exhibition. All artists will be notified of those invited to participate before December 1, 2010. Commission on all sales is 40%. (All work must be for sale.)

Application/Submission Procedure:

- Submit the Artist Application available at:
- Submit an Artist Statement describing your interpretation of Art Inter/National and how the space around you influences your creative process.
- Submit a maximum of three (3) art works to be considered properly labeled with Name, Media, Size, and Price. Digital Images Only.
- Submit supporting artist materials such as; artist resume and artist biography. (optional)

Format for Digital Submissions:
- Subject of E-mail: your name_InterN2011
- Place your contact information into the body of the e-mail.
- Attach the Application as a .pdf file.
- Attach your Artist Statement and additional supporting material. (.doc file or .pdf file accepted)
- Format digital images:
1. Dimensions: Larger than 1400 pixels on the longest side.
2. File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
3. File Size: JPEGs must be under 2.0 MB.
4. Color space: Save images in RGB color space, preferably sRGB.
5. Label images: yourtitle_yourmedia&size_yourprice
- Attach your digital entries to the email.
- Send e-mail to: Box Heart Gallery.

Deadline and Notification:

- Whether submitting via snail mail or email, artists will receive confirmation that their application was received if they supply an email address.
- Deadline for applications: November 1, 2010 (post marked, no exceptions)
- Notification of artists selected: before December 1, 2010