01SJ Biennial

Deadline: August 23, 2010
Date of screening: September 17th-19th at the 01SJ Biennial
Prize: $500 cash award for top selections. Selected projects will be screened in the 01SJ Future Films Theater.

In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, the Adobe Foundation’s global youth media initiative, the Biennial is issuing a call for video and multimedia, by youths aged 10-18, that addresses multimedia as a tool to address global and local issues and as a topic of interpreting the theme of “01SJActivate an Idea / Deactivate a Problem.” Use new media as a tool for addressing an issue that goes beyond documentation. You can interpret this theme literally or figuratively, seriously or humorously, as you envision how multimedia can activate positive social change. Video, film, video game, animation, machinima, web and software are all acceptable mediums for the interpretation of this topic.

How is technology shaping the world? Issues of nuclear proliferation, climate change, globalization, world hunger, economic instability and sustainable agriculture persist on micro and macro scales. The role of technology is increasingly linked to the issues we face collectively. It is the youth who ultimately choose how to enact technology as a tool to address these issues. From Twittered video news blogging, to iPhone social applications, the nature of multimedia has gone from passive documentation to confrontationally active.

Due to the large number of submissions, video will be the submission medium. For all multimedia based work, such as video game and web based projects, present your activating work through video documentation. Show your project in real world action.

Selected finalists will be awarded up to $500.00 dollars, and work will be featured at the 01SJ Biennial and screened at the 01SJ Future films theater. Award ceremony will take place on September 17th 2010 from 4-6 pm at Empire Drive-In.

Important details:

Please ensure if you are submitting a film that contains copyrighted material by anyone other than yourself, that you have obtained festival clearance for that material used. By entering your work, you agree to this and the responsibilities involved. Media screened in the festival should be presented in English or provide English subtitles. All films selected for the festival are automatically entered into competition for a variety of honors and prizes awarded by the festival organizers, jurors and audience. A limited number of entries will be selected for exclusive competition within certain jury awards.


Top (3) Finalists: 500.00

New Media
Digital Art