10 Cameras Project

What is the 10 Cameras Project: Recently, we selected ten nationally prominent artists and anonymously sent one package to each of the respective participants. Each package contained a 27-exposure disposable camera and was accompanied by a detailed letter of instructions inviting the artist to shoot all of the exposures and submit the undeveloped camera, either by mail or in person, to a disclosed dropbox in Phoenix, AZ.

The 10 Cameras Project team has recently collected the cameras from the chosen artists and is actively seeking public involvement for the next stage of the project. Organizers are inviting all community members irrespective of academic or professional experiences to submit bartering proposals indicating what goods you would be willing to provide us with in exchange for one of the aforementioned artist cameras. Ten of the submitted community proposals will ultimately be selected, and traded objects will then be collected and exhibited in a gallery for a month-long, open to the public, art installation.

What To Include In Your Proposal:

1. You send us a proposal (1-2 pages) explaining what you would like to barter in exchange for one of these awesome artist cameras filled with God knows what.
2. Do you have a preference for a particular artist's camera? Tell us why.
3. Include 3-5 pictures of your proposed object for exchange.
4. Include a brief bio. Who are you? What tickles your fancy?
5. Contact Information (Name, Phone Number, Email, Web, Address)

Email Proposals to Organizer at 10camerasproject@gmail.com

Information & Application: www.10cameras.com