Inner Beauty

1st prize: $1,000

2nd prize: $600

3rd prize: $400

4th prize: $200


Ms. Lynn Basa, Professor at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Mr. Robert Chatterton Dickson, Her Majesty’s Consul General

Mr. Harry Hatzakis, Biotronics3D CEO


Biotronics3D, a UK-based company, makes advanced visualisation products and services that are used in the healthcare industry.  They have recently released 3DNet Medical, which is the first medical imaging device to harness cloud computing technology.


In anticipation of the product's launch in America, Biotronics3D has decided to compose an art competition (in association with IBM, the Chicago Artists' Coalition, and the British Consulate-General) that will help create opportunities for students to explore and utilise the by-products of their technologies. Please visit the above website to learn more or contact