Third Annual Surreal Salo...

 This exciting exhibition features the work of contemporary artists from across the country. The exhibition engages viewers in a multi-sensory art experience, shedding light on the growing popularity and exceptional quality of contemporary surrealism and the pop-surrealist movement. The Third Annual Surreal Salon celebrates the many reasons why this irreverent and exciting movement has come to the forefront of contemporary art in recent years.

All artists living and creating in the United States and its commonwealths and territories are eligible to submit work for this multimedia exhibition. The application/prospectus for the exhibition is available for download at or at Baton Rouge Gallery. The work of applicants is limited only by their imagination and all media is encouraged to apply. The juror for the Third Annual Surreal Salon is 2D artist and sculptor Chris Ryniak.

 Baton Rouge Gallery hosts a costumed reception and soiree in honor of the Surreal Salon on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the gallery. Additional cash and prizes are given to the attendees who have the "most surreal attire" at the soiree.