Considering Joseph: Fathe...

The tornado of feminism has cleared the way for women in Maerican society, knocking down outdated and irrelevant gender roles, clearing space for women to do what they want.  Motherhood has been re-valued and new possibilities have been opened up for mothers at home, at work, and in the world.  So… what about dads?  If a major cultural focus in December is on celebrating Mary and the baby, where does that leave Joseph, except to find the inn and tend the donkey?

Male artists are asked to submit work that reflects on fatherhood in post-feminism: being a dad yourself, having a dad, “father” as specific man or “father” as idea and theory.  Seeking art that uses intelligence, irony, humor, rage, tenderness (and/or more) to explore the possibilities/limitations, joys/pitfalls, gains/losses of contemporary fatherhood.  

2-D, 3-D, book arts and video welcome WITH THE FOLLOWING CAVEATS: if you are a Colorado artist and will be delivering your own work, you may submit 2-D, 3-D, book arts or video.  If you will be mailing your work, you may submit 2-D or book arts work or small 3-D work.  Video work must be personally delivered along with technology to project it (gallery does not provide this) and must be installed by the artist in consultation with curator.  Sorry, no installation. 

Fee: There is no fee to submit images.  Selected artists will pay round-trip transporation for their work and a $20-$30 fee to cover exhibition-specific expenses.

For a prospectus with guidelines for submitting your work, e-mail Heather Doyle-Maier, Curator/Juror at