2011 Center for Photograp...

The Center for Photographic Art is pleased to announce the latest in nearly 20 years of Juried Exhibitions. This year, for the first time, registration and submissions will be performed entirely over the Internet.

Ted Orland
Karen Sinsheimer
Huntington Witherill

Prizes: The jurors will select three images to receive cash prizes: $1000 to the first place, $500 to the second place, and $250 to the third place image.

Eligibility: The exhibition is open to all photographers, both amateur and professional, working in all still photographic media. There is no theme; any subject matter is eligible.

Fees: CPA members may submit up to three images for $20. Non-members may submit up to three images for $40. Any entrant can submit up to an additional nine images, at an additional cost of $10 each. No more than a total of 12 images may be submitted.

Rules: No more than two images by a single photographer will be accepted into the exhibition. No more than four images by a single photographer will be accepted into the web gallery.

Artists with work accepted for exhibition or for the web gallery grant the CPA non-exclusive rights to use their images to advertise the exhibition and related programs, for display on the CPA website, and for publication in an exhibition catalog, should there be one.

DEADLINE: 11/19/2010: Last day for registration and submittals. Submittal period could end earlier if we receive 2000 submitted images – see Submissions below.

Full details: