Working in Wonder

CALL FOR ART - Working in Wonder

 The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University is seeking submissions for “Working in Wonder,” a group exhibition.  Open to all artists working in any medium.  Exhibition dates are January 18 through February 11, 2011.  $15/5 entries.  Deadline:  Dec 1.


Artists are encouraged to submit artwork exploring themes inspired by cabinets of curiosities, kunstkammern and wunderkammern.  Order and discovery were important aspects of collection building during the prominent period of the curiosity cabinet (1500-1700).  The exhibit will explore these themes in both  contemporary and historical frameworks.

 “Working in Wonder” will discuss the cabinet and examine its influence on contemporary art.  The exhibition will address the co-existence of naturalia and artificialia in the cabinet and in contemporary art.  A brief overview of the history of the cabinet will precede the core of the exhibit, which will feature artists who have taken the ideas of the curiosity cabinet and applied them in a more contemporary context.