LOVE : An International P...

$5,000 // New York City Exhibition // World-Wide Acclaim

You take amazing photographs. Show us what matters to you. You are invited you to share your most powerful images that convey, represent or capture the essence of love. It is the deepest emotion we know and welcome you to submit your best work for a chance at world-wide exposure.


One selected photographer will be awarded:
    •    A red-carpet reception in New York City
    •    $5,000 cash to spend on whatever you want!
    •    Your own archival quality photography book
    •    Online features published by JPG Magazine and     Artists Wanted
    •    An annual subscription to JPG Magazine
    •    World-wide promotion of your photography to hundreds of thousands of viewers

Begin your submission here:

The Focus Project seeks to identify emerging talent and to create a collective narrative reflecting what is most important in our lives. All participants will receive a gorgeous online portfolio to share with friends and family, and an exclusive package of special discounts and offers.