About Face


No Longer Empty is pleased to announce its participation in the New Museum’s “Festival of Ideas for A New City”, which will be held from May 7-8, 2011. This festival will present the fruits of a convergence of creative thought on the topic of a re-imagined city—a conceptualized urban utopia.

No Longer Empty is organizing an exhibition entitled “About Face” in order to address the notion of a “reconfigured city.” This show reflects No Longer Empty’s practice of reconfiguring the “art space” as a public sphere in the urban context.

“About Face,” in accordance with its location within the Festival of Ideas, will be a self-reflexive exhibition, re-examining and reconfiguring of many of the aspects of the exhibition format and presentation by looking at such issues as space, display, time, authorship, and aspects of the art experience itself. In the French art critic Nicolas Bourriaud’s terms, the exhibition will endeavor to be an “encounter” between the art, the public in its many communities, the greater festival, and the ideas which will emanate from these interactions.

Conceptual Basis of No Longer Empty’s Artist Call

As an exhibition that intends to address the process of making an exhibition, “About Face” aims to not only display works that investigate and demonstrate elements of art making or display, but also aims to highlight certain of the underlying methods of choosing works. In particular, No Longer Empty is using the process of holding an open call for submissions and reviewing artist proposals to investigate the question: how do curators select art? The curators will combine traditional means of artist selection—studio visits, artist recommendations, and gallery references—with this opportunity for open submission in order to enact an inclusive curatorial process and explore the potential of this diverse approach. The open call for submissions thereby situates itself within the layers of self-reflexivity in “About Face” and invites submitting artists to contribute through their proposed works.

Submission Guidelines

In conjunction with this exhibit, No Longer Empty is presenting an open call for submissions. Through this open call, No Longer Empty offers an opportunity for burgeoning artists, who are residents of the five boroughs and have not had previous experience exhibiting with No Longer Empty, to contribute to the “About Face” exhibition.

The selection panel will choose the top work to include in the exhibition. In addition, the panel will give ten proposals honorable mention by featuring the works on No Longer Empty’s website in the months leading up to the exhibition.

We invite all artists to apply!


Submission Prompts

“Artistic activity is a game, whose forms, patterns and functions develop and evolve according to periods and social contexts; it is not an immutable essence”—Nicolas Bourriaud

Drawing inspiration from the exhibition and the above quote, submissions must choose to address one of the following prompts:

1. Outline a concept for a piece that reconfigures an historically iconic work of art, potentially one that is linked to an urban theme. This prompt asks the submitting artists to enact an "about face" on the original artist's intention—reworking the concept to demonstrate it in an alternate form with particular reference to the social and cultural contexts of the present. 

2. Outline a concept for a piece that engages the exhibition’s self-reflexivity regarding the exhibition format within the Festival of Ideas’ call to imagine a reconfigured city. This prompt asks the submitting artists to investigate one or more elements related to the making of an exhibition while considering the necessary tie between past precedent and present potential.


Applications must be submitted by February 17th, 2011.

All applications must contain the following components in order to qualify for final consideration:

1) Submitting artist’s name

2) Title of proposed piece

3) Essay (500 words or less) outlining the submitter’s intention for the selected prompt, including discussion of the what historically iconic work (prompt 1) or aspect of the exhibition (prompt 2) it will use as a starting point, how it will enact a reconfiguration or investigation, and what the submitter expects the outcome will offer in the current dialogue.

4) A detailed illustrated proposal including:
a. Dimensions
b. Materials
c. Installation Technique
d. Budget
e. Conceptual rendering of the Proposed Work (and, if applicable, photographic references to past relevant works)

5) Artists Statement

6) Artist’s website

Application must also include a $25 processing fee, a portion of which will be used toward the realization of the chosen work. Applications may be submitted in one of the following two ways, based on the payment method for the processing fee.

Online Submission 
Submit payment via Paypal and aftewards submit application as a single .pdf document toinfo@nolongerempty.org
The file name must read: FACE underscore Proposal underscore Your Last Name. Please limit attachments to 4 mb.