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“Reanna Francis: Solo Exhibition” From February 5 to February 26, 2011. Opening Reception on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 7PM.

Icosahedron Gallery of the West Chelsea Art District is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Australian artist, Reanna Francis. Reanna Francis was born and raised on the Emerald Coast of the East Coast of Australia. Growing up, Francis delved deep into the world of true artists focusing on a microcosm of the imaginary, the creative, a world where one is able to escape daily life and build one’s own. The wild imagination of this visionary sparked her interest in art at a young age where she was fascinated with the nude female form even at an early age.

As she came into her formative years, Francis used her life’s journey, a journey of hardship, torment, and pain as a stepping stone for her artistry. The world that surrounded Reanna Francis was one encompassed by the dark and devious where the evil qualities of humanity are brought into question. This extreme hardship led Francis to her passion, her art. The plagues of her mind and past were traded in for canvass and paint. Her newfound passion turned her life to one where she was bound to break free from the woman she used to be to a true artist, an artist who is set to tear down the edifices of the Contemporary Art World.

Reanna Francis, her paintings, and most importantly, her life’s story are destined to create an emergence of raw talent where she will one day be the pinnacle of the Erotic Art World, a pioneer for feminist art worldwide, and a lyrical exemplar of beauty, talent, and passion. Her works that will be on display at Icosahedron Gallery showcase female figures in torturous situations that live and breathe struggle, devotion, and the battle to overcome one’s demons. Reanna Francis’s mixture of dark color palettes with pops of vibrancy, arousing curvature and lineage, and vividly striking imagery meld together to create masterfully crafted pieces of pure talent and real life.

Icosahedron Gallery is honored to host the illustrious talent of Reanna Francis.

For more information or to schedule a private viewing contact:

Robert Berry

Icosahedron Gallery