1st Annual Juried Troll-...

Benefit the Arts for Alzheimer’s Center!  Our project is to create the centerpiece exhibit to kick off the opening of the Arts for Alzheimer’s Gallery and   Performing Arts Center. “Troll Hole” is an artistic rendition of a surrealistic forest troll home set inside a Folk Art Gallery.   Stroll past the
ancient conifers of Norway.  Follow the
flowing textile waterfall down the
hillside and walk over the troll bridge
and pay the troll toll (donation) by
tossing coins in a wishing well.  Gaze
at the flying mythical creatures
suspended from the ceiling.  Feel the
smooth and polished carved wood
pieces.  Look at the spinning glass
spheres.  Hunt for the vintage trolls
peering out from behind hypertufa  
sculptures.  This is the only
serious tribute to trolls as a figure of
folk art, vintage, and modern toy, in
the world. 
Located at 222 E Main St. Alliance  Must have a troll, fairy, forest, enchanted, mythical, or mystical related theme.  Any size artwork will be accepted as
there are both indoor and outdoor
sites available, as well as installation
work that creates space within the gallery .Open Artist category and Young Emerging Artist category.  Contact for prospectus. Write 50 N Arch Ave Alliance Ohio 44601 or  call 330 929-1071 or artsforalzheimers.com or email  sherry@artsforalzheimers.com