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Diego Jacobson “Everything is Perfect: The Small Works”
March 5th through March 26, 2011.  Opening Reception March 11th, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Icosahedron Gallery is pleased to present “Everything is Perfect: The Small Works” by Diego Jacobson. Diego Jacobson was born in Argentina and raised in both New York and Puerto Rico.  A self-taught painter, Jacobson includes text and borders representation in his energetic, abstract works. “Everything is Perfect: The Small Works” features eight small acrylic paintings and one larger work, “Everything is Perfect.”

Jacobson paints wet on wet directly onto his canvases. The quick gestures of Jacobson’s hand is visible in the drips, splats and smears composing his work. Using a palette knife as often as his brush, Jacobson draws scraffito into the thick, impasto paint. The exhibition’s title work “Everything is Perfect,” features the title text among a painterly field of blues, purples and pinks evoking a rosy sun breaking through rain-heavy clouds. The works in this series have a bright, upbeat palette fitting to spring. Personifying nature’s liveliness in “Japanese Meadow Blossom,” Jacobson’s marks thrust up to the sky with the energy of an emerging sprout. Though primarily an abstractionist, Jacobson occasionally includes carefully chosen recognizable imagery. With positivity and empowerment, Jacobson repeats a roughly-drawn crown symbol in paintings “Would Be King” and “Magic Dragon.”

Pre-order Diego Jacobson’s new 200 page book “Everything Is Perfect: The Art and Philosophy of Diego Jacobson.” Book includes 160 color plates; essays on Jacobson by Dawn-Michelle Baude and Dalia Caravaggi; and artist interviews with Mike Fitelson and Art Interview Magazine.

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