Independent curators, Meghan Blowers and Marie Sullivan, in collaboration with Rogue Video and The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University are seeking submissions for “trashed,” and exhibition of contemporary video art which explores and discovers the potential for beauty, meaning and use in the discarded.  By investigating the redemptive quality of reclaiming and re-using abandoned matter, the curators offer insight into a burgeoning revolution which re-orders the conventional meaning of worth.  The resurrection of trash will be uniquely explored by individual participating artists through their interpretations of the motivations, processes and effects of this counter-cultural upheaval.  The artists’ focus may be broad or narrow and may delve into the psychological, spiritual or physical consequences of the transformation of the worthless to the valued.  Presenting a diverse array of works will assist the curators in conveying the breadth and significance of the “salvage” movement.  Videos will be selected based on artistic merit, relevancy and overall meaning.


The video screening will take place on Thursday, April 28th in an out of doors urban environment (to be announced) in the Arts District of Newark, New Jersey . Videos will be projected in an unconventional setting to increase incidental viewership and audience participation.  Additionally, this will give audiences a concrete example of how places and objects can be transformed simply by the way we see and use them.


Digital Art