Art around the World Contest

Art around the World is a new online art gallery for artists to showcase and share their work to the wider, international community. It offers an opportunity to have their pieces of art viewed by new audiences and gain  recognition by promoting their art online.

We aim to show work of artists from a range of nationalities that are very different but united in wanting
to communicate ideas and feelings through a visual medium

Benefits of entering our online Art Contest

1) Artwork is exposed to the international community.

2) The winners and runner-ups will be permanently displayed in our Gallery - A short biography and a review of up to three artworks will be included in our website.

3) Gain credibility and visibility – A press release will be issue for all winners and runner-ups.

4) Authority and great exposure – Articles on featured artists will be published on a bi-monthly basis.

5) Valuable experience, build your art CV and good publicity for your artwork.

6) Copyright, future interests and the rights of all works remains the property of the artists.

7) Establish presence on the Internet – The Artist’s website will be linked to ours, offering you the change to receive targeted traffic to your site and establish relationships with potential clients.