Call For Art: OCCCA

Juried by Howard Fox
Emeritus curator of contemporary art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Exhibition Dates: August 5th - September 10th, 2011

Deadline for entries Sunday, June 26th, 5pm

Energy is all. According to the Book of Genesis, creation began in a burst of pure energy - light. According to Einstein, energy is the source of all matter, and convertible with it. According to most artists, creative energy - an inner force - is the motivation of their lives. In the studio artists transform creative energy into material expression.

Artists are encouraged to submit works that celebrate the concept or force of energy in its broadest connotations or in its most focused denotations. The resulting juried exhibition will be a reflection of the range and depth of the submitted works.
-Howard Fox, Energy Juror
Emeritus curator of contemporary art
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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