We’re looking for something beyond the traditional portrait - more than just a eloquently captured face.  We’re looking for uncanny, parody, distortions, subtle suggestions and in-your-face implications.  For “Persona” we're looking for portraits devised outside the box (or in one, might also be applicable in certain circumstances!) - we want to see the characters you've captured.

There can more to a superb portrait than a superb likeness of an individual a the testimony to their soul can be visioned way beyond the eyes.  How much can you tell us about a person with just one image?  Their life story?  Perhaps.  How did you show the idiosyncrasies, quirks, that make your sitters both physically and emotionally, individuals?  We can’t wait to fill our gallery walls with a newly visioned kind of face - portrait as character and caricature. 

Juror:  Chris Buck

We’re thrilled to have Chris Buck as inspiration and aesthetic eye for “Persona “  His portraits have been surprising us, making us laugh, causing us to ask questions, and inspiring us to think outside of the box for years.  His brand of image making (over two decades worth) infuses wit with uncommon gesture and implied meaning.   He tells more than a story – he creates tales (sometimes through pure expression).  Chris was the first recipient for the Arnold Newman Portrait Prize (2007), which we think he so rightfully deserved!  His clients include IBM, Microsoft, Moviefone, Citibank, GQ, Blender and The New York Times Magazine.  From uncanny celebrity portraits, to advertising humor, to editorial wisdom, Chris Buck has offered us a very special take on our world of Personas.  His bio is in the pictures – catch a glimpse into Chris Buck’s kind at

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