Frackin' Art: The Fine Ar...

Exploiting the Earth’s resources for energy is part of what humans do.  Recently, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies have demonstrated great promise in extracting natural gas from deep underground. These technologies rupture deep rock formations with the high-pressure injection of a mixture of water, sand and chemical additives, liberating the gas within. Fracturing these layers of rock is commonly called Hydrofracking or Fracking.

As with most energy extraction methods, controversy flourishes with hydrofracking. We need the energy… people need jobs & money… there are dangers… humans take shortcuts… tycoons abandon played out sites… etc. Fracking is no different, and has plenty of arguments coming from many perspectives.

Oil City, PA is in the middle of a large shale field being fracked called Marcellus. Because of our geography the local art community felt it was appropriate to invite artists to display their ideas on Fracking. We want art to facilitate a public discourse, and we call the show Frackin’ Art.

We invite work from artists reflecting their view on hydrofracking – the benefits, the dangers, the future, the fears, or any other inspiration.  There are many national and international sites where hydrofracking is an issue and artists from any locale are invited.

Visit for more information and complete submission guidelines.