This exhibit will explore the rituals of the Day of the Dead that venerate and celebrate the dearly departed. Death was considered a passage to a new life to the indigenous people of Mexico.  It is believed that the spirits of the dead return to earth for one day of the year to be with their loved ones.  The Day of the Dead is a way in which the living remember and honor their departed relatives.  To those unaware of the customs of the holiday it may sound morbid but it is anything but that.  It is a festive and colorful holiday. 

Artists are asked to research the Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muertos and include references to the traditional and cultural aspects that go along with the holiday.  It is encouraged that the artwork submitted serves as a way to educate the viewer.  A wide range of media and genres of two and three-dimensional work will be accepted.  Interactive works are also highly encouraged.  Artwork that examines rituals honoring the deceased and/or pays tribute to departed ancestors is encouraged. *** The subject matter of submissions is not only limited to the Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead. Other cultural traditions that pay homage to the deceased will also be accepted.***

All accepted artwork will be on view at the exhibits held at the Raices Cultural Center and The First Reformed Church of New Brunswick.

Submissions must include:

- Artist’s first and last name, telephone number and email address

- Title of work, year executed, media, dimensions, price of each piece unless indicated NFS (not for sale)

- One paragraph describing artwork submitted

- Artist Statement

All submissions must be received by September 10, 2010. A maximum of six (6) submissions from each artist will be reviewed. All submissions must be the artist's original work. Artists whose work is accepted for the exhibit will be notified no later than September 17, 2011. Upon notification, images of accepted work may be used in the exhibition’s publicity.  The Raices Center will coordinate the delivery of original artwork with the artist upon notification of acceptance.

Digital Format: Digital images can be submitted on CD or by e-mail (send to: amy@raicesculturalcenter.org).

To send via email: The email should include the artist's full name as subject along with 'DIA DE LOS MUERTOS SUBMISSION.'  (send to: amy@raicesculturalcenter.org).

The images must meet the following specifications:

File names = artist's last name (underscore) first name, followed by the entry number as noted on the entry form (i.e. Jones_Mike_1.jpg).

Detail, installation, or alternate view images must include the word 'detail' in the filename (i.e. Jones_Mike_1detail1.jpg).

The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format, images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction (about 13”) and 72dpi.

Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork) and should not include text info or borders that are not part of the actual work.

If sending submission through the USPS, mail materials to:
Raices Cultural Center
P.O. Box 5701
New Brunswick, N.J. 08901

Sale of Work: All work, unless indicated as not for sale (NFS), will be available for sale during exhibit. Raices Cultural Center will retain a commission of 35% on all artwork sold during the exhibition.

Questions? Contact Amy Garas at amy@raicesculturalcenter.org or call 732-433-5010.