Art Print Contest

Pro Designer? Enthusiast? Design student? Amateur? Talented?

Submit your best graphic design, drawing, or painting to us and let the community vote for their favorite. The winner gets 25% royalties on every piece sold through the Groopti Shop. The photo with the most votes will be printed on aluminum and sold on Multiple submissions from the same user are allowed.

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Submit your graphic design, drawing, or painting. 

Winner gets 25% royalties on every piece sold. Nice one. So let your gaggle of friends know, and share your design uploads with the masses. The more you share, the more likely you’ll win. And everyone loves a winner.

The contest is running between 1st August 2011 - 31st August 2011. All submissions will become available for viewing and voting as soon as they are approved. New submissions are welcome at any time before the contest ends.

We’ll be printing the winning design on aluminum – the latest in printing technology. Printing on aluminum actually infuses the dye into the medium and gives photos extra vibrancy, luminescence, and clarity that canvas just can’t achieve.

Groopti Ecommerce website and social design hub is currently in a Private Beta. 

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