Donkey Art Prize II

After the great success of the international contest Donkey Art Prize 2010’ first
edition, with the presentation of the best 100 works in the most prestigious art galleries of New York,
Milan, London and Los Angeles, the enrolments for the 2011 edition are opened.
The art contest is organized by Blidonkey Cultural Association, created with the aim of merging together
the world of arts, fashion and music to build a worldwide network of artists coming from different
backgrounds. Create a series of events, exhibitions, fashion shows and music performances on the
international scale in order to give to the participating artists the possibility to express their own art and
point of view, developing interest within an international community of new talents.
Donkey Art Prize 2011, promoted for the first year by the Veneto region, is a contest that awards the best
international artist. Starting from this edition, together with the painting and photography/digital art
categories, there will be a new discipline for the participants: video installations.
Another novelty of this year is the enlargement of the jury of experts coming from the Verona, Bologna
and Milan Art Academies; they will select 150 finalists within a wide range of participants coming from all
over the world, considering criteria of originality, expressivity and artistic technicality.
The 2011 edition will end, in the first semester of 2012, with the exhibition of the 150 finalists’ art works in
some of the best art galleries of the most important international capitals: New York, Milan, London and,
starting from this year, Shanghai and San Paolo. During these international exhibitions the art works of the
final participants will be presented to the large public and the winners of the three categories will be
awarded with a 5.000 € prize. The images of the most interesting works will be printed on T?shirts and
distributed, on the occasion of the brand new “T?shirt Contest”, during the events.
Many are the novelties Blidonkey Cultural Association is creating to make the edition of the contest
Donkey Art Prize 2011 richer and more interesting, personal exhibitions of the artists, collaboration with
important international school and art galleries etc. On the brand new web site of the contest you can find
all the newest information.

New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)