Black White & Night

Enter your work into our exhibition “Black White & Night”.
Define what this means to you! 
Don't be afraid to be conceptual or literal. 

Photography, Design, New Media, Illustration, Painting, and all other mediums are open.  Submit up to 5 works!  Please keep in mind, this is an All Ages atmosphere show and we highly recommend the works be family friendly.

Art will be on displayed for three weeks, from September 13 - 30, 2011, ArtNight Reception Event on September 27th.  At ArtNight Reception Event, you can purchase art works by established artists as well as emerging and local artists.  Part of the proceeds will benefit ThinkArt! (a subsidiary of Think & Wonder, Inc. [IRS Charitable 501(c)3 Organization], bringing arts to the community through creative programs and collaborative projects.