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New "My Shows" Section
By: admin | Post date: October 24, 2012 20:27 is proud to announce new features for artist.  Today I have launched a new section of the site called "My Shows" for beta testing.  The "My Shows" functionality allows artists to add shows to their own list.  Shows that you add to your list are shown conveniently on a page with important dates displayed on a calendar.  Shows on your list can be set to send you email reminders of upcoming dates.


You can also assign artwork to each show to help you keep track of what paintings are submitted. 


During the beta all users with a basic artist account (always free) will have access to the new features.  There is no credit card or other payment information required when signing up for a basic account.  Please post any comments, ideas or questions in the "Feed Back" forum. For more help on using the site, please check the Help forum. I hope you enjoy and find these new features helpful.